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Jim Potrzeba Jim Potrzeba

As members of the hospitality team at Northeast Realty, we are one of only a few real estate companies in the world licensed to practice in all New England and New York. As a member of 8 multiple listing services in 7 states, we offer the most extensive MLS capacity of any firm in the Northeast United States.

We are a full service firm practicing both residential and commercial sales. As a hospitality agent, I have successfully completed curriculum relating to the specialized aspects of qualifying B&B buyer lifestyle and financial needs, financing, and industry competitive indexes and/or units of comparison. I am also qualified to list or show hospitality properties.

Physically our offices are located in the #1 and #2 per capita income states in the U.S. (CT & MA). However our networking and cooperative agreements with owners and fellow Realtors has expanded our sphere of influence and service capacity to an international level. Please contact us if you would like a free consultation.

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