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Buyer Questionnaire

Scheduling an appointment to see a property or obtaining more information.

Consider the time consumption regarding the purchase & sale of hospitality properties:
  • Buyers expend considerable time and expense to view properties, traveling to different areas as well as the distance in between properties.
  • Showings can take longer than homes because the properties tend to be larger and often include the review of other information such as contents or business methods.
  • The Brokers are also traveling to and in between properties.
  • Showings can be very intrusive to guests, compromising what they have planned as a special occasion, or even worse, their privacy, as we ask an Innkeeper to sneak us into an unoccupied room while guests are away.
Therefore, we promote professionally screened, qualified showings.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. You are welcome to call (800)338-1433, or email us anytime regarding questions about properties, or your needs. We are glad to provide prompt information for our listings, including for many, annual gross revenue. However for more detailed income and expense information many sellers ask us to have you sign a Confidentiality Statement. This form may also be required for offerings in which sellers are sensitive about market exposure.

  2. If you are already seriously searching for properties and would like to provide us your information, or, would like schedule a property showing, please fill out our Purchase Questionnaire Form.

  3. Finally, if you are just tire kicking for now and do not want to get into financials or filling out forms, don't forget you can always get a preliminary flavor of an Inn by booking a room, or in the case of a Restaurant, having dinner there. However we kindly request you do not ask the innkeeper for an impromptu property tour without first scheduling through our office.
Proceed to Purchase Questionnaire Form or if not interested