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The following Purchase Questionnaire allows us to be more efficient with yours, as well as with everyone else's time.

The reason we ask about down payment and other source of income is let's say for example a loan officer informs a buyer that they qualify for a $1 million dollar SBA loan with 10% down. Then let's say the buyer has only the minimum 10% down with no other source of income, and is interested in a property listed for $1,000,000. If we know there is absolutely no way the property will support a $900,000 debt service, we would explain that to the prospective buyer based on the supporting financial information on the property rather then lead them on or waste their time. We try to be realistic in how well properties fit other buyer preferences as well, such as owner's quarters, lot size, neighborhood setting, etc.

Some of our sellers require this form be filled out prior to showings.
Name (s)
Street Address
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Day Phone # (At least one Phone number is required.)
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Areas Prefered
City or Rural Prefer City   Prefer Rural   No Preference
Other Preferences Prefer Restaurant   Prefer Bar

How many occupants will the owner's quarters need to house?
Will the owner's quarters need to accommodate children? Yes.   No.
What size dwelling will you be coming from?
Any special housing or storage requirements (e.g. dogs, vehicles, horses, etc.?)

Will your purchase down payment rely in part on equity you own in another property? Yes No
Is that property for sale now?Yes No
Have you consulted with a lender about how much financing you qualify for? Yes No
If so, which lender?
What is the maximum amount of cash down payment and/or equity from other property you can commit toward this investment?
Estimate Your Price Range:      High $      Low $

Regarding your revenue criteria, please check one of the following:

  1. This investment property will be your only source of income, and must support both you and the business totally.
  2. You have other sources of income from investments or pensions, or someone in your household will be maintaining employment outside of this business venture.
  3. You are financially comfortable, revenue is not a major concern.
If the ideal property becomes available are you ready to make an offer on it (includes offers contingent on the sale of other real estate or business, and within the context of a reasonable travel schedule)? Yes No
How many properties have you looked at so far?

Which properties would you like more information on?

Any other comments or questions?


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